Are You Moving Soon?

Don’t Hassle Your Friends by Asking Them to Help You Move.

moving servicesDon’t be the person that rents a U-Haul and asks your friends to help you move. Not only will you have to go help them the next time they move, but you guys are getting into a very stressful difficult task. The smart choice? Calling Mindful Moving Services!

Save your friends the pain. You’ll both be better off using Mindful Moving Services. If you’re going to move, use these money-saving tips to help you get prepared and shave some money off your next move. Remember time is money. 

Don’t wait till the last minute to start packing.

Getting a jump start on your packing will pay off huge during your home relocation. This gives you time to get stuff in the right place, labeled, and will give you a clear idea of just how much is being transported on moving day.

Mindful Moving Services provides a wide variety of packing services and packing supplies to make your move easier. Just let us know ahead of time what you will need, and our team will make sure to have it the day of your move!

Put labels on your boxes!

Once your items are securely packed in a box, finding them becomes a whole new ballgame. One of the most important steps someone can take during their home move is labeling everything. By taking this step you will make unpacking much less stressful, and you will help the movers put the boxes in the right rooms. When they are labeled you’ll be able to save time which means you are saving money on your move!

Throw out the things you don’t need or want anymore!

The less boxes you’ll need moved on moving day. If you prepare your move in advance, this will give you time to go through your belongings and ask one important question do I need this? If you haven’t used something in a year, it’s safe to say you don’t need it.

Make a moving checklist

Make a checklist and maybe even use different color sticky notes to let the guys know what is coming and what is staying. Also, having a checklist is great to keep focused and to give direction on the move. This is going to take a bit of the stress off an already stressful situation. The more prepared you are the less stressful the task turns out to be.

Keep your essential items together

It is best to pack your essential items last, or even transporting them in your personal vehicle to make them more accessible. Then once you arrive at your new home all the important necessary items are right in front of you ready to use. When packing boxes, try to go room by room and label the boxes in an orderly way. This will help a lot when loading and unloading the truck so that the guys can load their dollies with each room items. It will speed your move up substantially.

Once boxes are packed, put them in one central area

The less time it takes to move means the total cost will be lower. By taking a few steps in advance it could save you hundreds of dollars! If by any chance you can centralize all the boxes into either the living room or garage it will speed things up.

Contact Mindful Moving Services

Moving is a team process, and we have a great team! Our reputation over the years has helped us grow, and we would love to come and assist you and your family on your next move. Just give us a call at anytime and we can send someone out to give you an estimate and go over a few things that can help you save money through this moving process. Remember we server the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches! Talk to you soon!

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